MaxOspeed introducing its first NFT on its own purpose-built platform which is based on NFTs that have their unique metadata and ID codes that make them one-of-one and prove their holder’s ownership.

MaxOSpeed is a web based PLAY2EARN hustling game that is built in two phases.

The initial phase is to build hovercar that is making the most out of NFT's that can be upgraded and utilized in multiple games/scenarios across the blockchain.

The second stage is to build a fully functional Hovercar game that rewards players for spending time in the game. To play the game you need entry charges you like to go for, your competitor will pay the same specific sum and the winner will be compensated everything except the entry fee. 100 percent of section expense will go straightforwardly once again into the MaxOspeed depository. Nft holders will actually race their NFT's in the game. NFTs proprietors can lease to other opponents that are unable to afford the secondary market. This makes significantly more VALUE for holders and a simple way for newcomers to secure their opportunity in Nft’s.

Moreover, the rewards earned while playing will help to unlock new levels in game. We have designed MaxOSpeed in such a way that players have fun while gaming and still earn massively. Other than investing your nft's, you can likewise adjust them in many cool ways. The next level will allow you to modify your hover car in variety of ways. You get to name your fly hover cars before racing as well!

We have a variety of activities for everybody's taste or desires. We are launching soon our platform and get ready for great surprise offers.

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First Hover Cars In The Metaverse

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